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Vala. A Modern, Fast, Open Source Language.

Familiar to anyone who's seen C#, but maintains API/ABI compatibility with C

Low memory requirements, native execution, and purpose-built for GObject

Signals, properties, generics, lambdas, assisted memory management, exception handling, type inference, async/yield & more

public class MyApp : Gtk.Application {

    public MyApp () {
        Object (application_id: "com.github.myteam.myapp",
        flags: ApplicationFlags.FLAGS_NONE);

    protected override void activate () {
        var window = new Gtk.ApplicationWindow (this);
        window.title = "MyApp";
        window.set_default_size (1024, 768);
        window.show_all ();

    public static int main (string[] args) {
        var app = new MyApp ();
        return (args);

Full API documentation available on


A Feature-Complete SDK

Loki brings a new API for Wingpanel, Launcher API support in Slingshot, new widgets like AlertView, new CSS style classes and icons, and tons more. Build feature-full apps easier than ever with Gtk 3.18 & Vala 0.34, running atop Linux 4.8